11 December 2017

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Daley Securities: Approved Mobileye Dealer

Mobileye Collision Avoidance System

Daley Securities are Approved Dealers to supply the Mobileye Collision Avoidance system. After purchase typical fitting time is between two to three hours dependent on the make, model and type of vehicle. The system can be fitted to any kind of road vehicle from family car to double-decker bus and the system is designed to work in all weather conditions as long as camera view is kept clean and clear.

Fitting can be carried out at your home or workplace.
Please note fitting and calibration can only be carried out on a level surface with good lighting conditions.

Key Features

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

This feature of the system recognises the speed of the your vehicle and is activated if driver fails to indicate when crossing road lane markings, the system is programmed during calibration to normally activate at speeds above 34mph (55km/h). When alerts are triggered there will be an audible and visual warning shown on dashboard mounted Eyewatch display.

The sensitivity of this feature can be adjusted to suit your driving style, although it only comes into operation at speeds above 34mph. Please note this activation speed cannot be adjusted.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Urban Low Speed

Forward Collision Warning calculates the speed of the vehicle in front of you with the speed your doing and will give you an audible and visual alert in seconds before impact if no avoiding action is taken.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) has two different functions. The first is the standard FCW feature that is active at speeds above 19mph. This will provide an alert up to 2.7 seconds prior to you having a rear end collision. The second side to the feature is the Urban Forward Collision Warning (uFCW). This operates at speeds less than 19 mph and acts as a virtual bumper at the front of your vehicle and provides a warning if the set distance between your front bumper and the car in front is breached. Sensitivity of the virtual bumper can be adjusted from 0.5 to 2 meters.

Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW)

This feature is similar to Forward Collision Warning (FCW), but more useful for higher speeds for example on Motorways, the camera will scan the road ahead for other vehicles in your lane day or night to maintain a safe driving distance, the Eyewatch visual display will alert you to vehicles ahead with a green car symbol, as you get closer the display will show number of seconds to impact if they suddenly brake, a red car symbol appears with an audible alert if your around 1 second from a rear end collision.

HMW operates at speeds of 19 mph or above. It displays the number of seconds to the vehicle directly in front of you whenever the distance/time becomes 2.5 seconds or less. The headway warning time can be adjusted to suit your driving style and can be set to provide an alert between 0.1 – 2.5 seconds.

Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW)

This feature recognises pedestrians and cyclist during daylight hours, an audible and visual alert allows you 2 seconds to take avoiding actions.

Speed Limit Indication (SLI)

Detects and classifies various speed signs and notifies you if your exceeding the speed detected on the signs.

Whilst this is available on the Eyewatch, it is also available on the Mobileye Smartphone application within certain geographical areas.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR )

Detects and classifies a variety of traffic signs and notifies the driver.

This is only available via Mobileye Smartphone application and within certain geographical areas.

Lane Departure Warning
Forward Collision Warning
Headway Monitoring
Pedestrian Collision Warning
Mobileye Intelligent High-Beam
Speed Limit Indication

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